The Loop Team was proud to be a part of Demandware XChange 2014, where we spent 3 days in Miami, Florida interacting with retailers, developers, and e-commerce professionals.

Demandware definitely did a great job at the Fontainebleau, with engaging great speakers, excellent networking sessions and a lively atmosphere throughout the conference.


Overall, XChange 2014 was an amazing event, and it was refreshing to see the community getting together and interacting with each other so openly.

Loop was also proud to have a speaking engagement on the second day of the conference. We were pleasantly surprised to find that our slot was over-subscribed, with people having to stand in the aisle to listen in.


Whilst some people were intrigued to find out why Forbes named Loop as one of 12 companies moving global commerce forward, many wanted to learn about our disruptive approach to gifting and top e-commerce challenges, and how retailers approach these pain-points through embracing a tailored gift buying experience.

Bearing in mind that gifting is a year-round occurrence, attendees were especially interested in learning about the best practices to adopt when shopping online for someone else.

In particular, we found that people paid special attention to the macro ‘thought-concepts’ around addressing the gaps in the current shopping & checkout experience when buying a gift.

For many, there was an ‘Aha!’ moment around a new way to gift and a new way to address their e-commerce woes through addressing the experience that is missing in their stores.

Here at Loop, we are thankful and thrilled that there was such an overwhelmingly positive reaction, and we will be working hard to accommodate all the interest shown.

We’re definitely looking forward to see what Demandware does with the conference next year!

Loop Commerce is a Demandware XChange Gold Partner and a Certified LINK Technology Partner.

Image Credits: “Fontainebleau Hotel” by David Berkowitz

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