Loop Commerce is thrilled to announce that we will be joined by Kristen Berman, Co-Founder of Irrational Labs, to share about how the behavioral economics of gifting impacts commerce at Magento Imagine 2014, in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, May 13, at 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

This session investigates the impact that the study of Behavioral Economics has in commerce. Working alongside Prof. Dan Ariely, the renowned behavioral economist and author, the speakers of this session will share how they’ve applied Behavioral Economics to understand the consumer psychology behind gift giving.

The audience will gain insight into what drives gift buying patterns; the gifts people want to buy vs. the gifts they actually buy; why certain gifts are more appreciated by both giver and receiver; and actionable ways for merchants to leverage Behavioral Economic principles to implement a strategy that turns any store into a gifting destination, attracting shoppers through a tailored gift buying experience.

The Magento Imagine E-commerce is an annual event connecting merchants, developers, designers and e-commerce experts. It is focused on exchanging inspired and innovative ideas, discussing emerging trends and making lasting connections.

Loop Commerce is a Magento Imagine Silver Sponsor and is proud to be working with Magento’s Top Solutions Partners.

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