Loop Commerce, a Silicon Valley e-commerce company offering a disruptive approach to commerce through an innovative gift shopping experience, announced today the release of its latest white paper, “5 Best Practices for Enabling Gifting in Your Store”. This white paper is launched in response to retailers’ increasing focus on the e-commerce industry and need to facilitate online gifting.

Indeed, the growth of the e-commerce industry and broad consumer preference for online purchasing have transformed the modern retail landscape. Loop uses this white paper to share various insights on the psychology and mechanisms behind gifting to help retailers develop their online strategy.

For retailers, the benefits that come from enabling your customers to gift are many: driving new revenues and profits, a new and effective way for customer acquisition, an increase in brand awareness, and other significant benefits.

To this end, Loop’s free white paper presents five best practices, touching on topics such as the gifting behavior of consumers, the need for innovation, and the importance of mitigating gift returns, among others.

“To remain competitive in the current retail environment, businesses need to take full advantage of the resources available to them, and consistently seek out new opportunities for growth,” said Roy Erez, Co-Founder and CEO of Loop Commerce. “Businesses today must be at the forefront of innovation, and with this white paper, retailers will learn some key takeaways that will help them capitalize on this new wave of online retail growth.”


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About Loop Commerce

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, and backed by top industry executives as well as PayPal, Loop Commerce is changing how retailers approach their top e-commerce pain-points by providing an innovative, patent pending shopping and gifting platform that removes the obstacles consumers face when trying to buy a real physical product as a gift. They were recently selected by Forbes as one of 12 companies “moving global commerce forward”.


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About Loop Commerce

We are on a mission to reshape e-commerce and gifting. Loop easily integrates into online stores and provides their customers with a simple way for thoughtful gift giving.




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