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Gorilla Group Ecommerce Consulting Lead, Caleb Bryant, shares thoughts and client feedback on Loop Commerce’s Perfect Gifting™ solution

After countless hours of gift browsing, you finally settle on a suitable option. But which size is the safest bet? And does your recipient have a favorite color? You can find their email address, but do you even have a current mailing address?

An ecommerce gifting solution is both logical and entirely necessary in today’s omnichannel shopping environment. Here at Gorilla, we’ve noticed that generic gift cards just aren’t cutting it any longer, and that clients and consumers alike are seeking impactful solutions to make gift-giving personalized and highly effective.

As more merchants seek out services to take gifting capabilities to the next level, Gorilla has identified Loop Commerce as a leader in the field. Loop’s Perfect Gifting™ platform simplifies the process and offers a turnkey, fully integrated SaaS-based checkout solution that allows consumers to buy and send any product as a gift. Using the system, the gift-giver initiates the purchase, but the recipient is able to finalize details such as size, color and shipping address. In addition to creating a more personalized experience, Loop Commerce’s Perfect Gifting™ solution aims to drive customer acquisition and increase AOV while reducing the high costs of returns and exchanges normally associated with gifting.

As one Loop’s early partners, Gorilla has already successfully integrated the relatively new platform with several client sites as part of the Gorilla Enhanced Managed Services (GEMS) program, including well-known baby brand Munchkin and men’s apparel brand Thomas Dean.

Thomas Dean implemented Loop just in time for the 2013 holiday gift-giving season. GEMS Account Manager Megan O’Malley explains, “The Loop platform is a no-brainer for the holidays as a more thoughtful alternative to gift cards with the same ease of purchase, especially for last minute gifting. But promoting gifting is a year-round opportunity for retailers to establish themselves as a gift destination for all other occasions.”

Laurie Larson, Manager of Ecommerce and Web Development at Thomas Dean says, “Since launching with Loop, we’ve already seen an 11% increase in AOV for orders sent through Loop, and 3.5x more Loop gift sales than our standard gift cards. We expect these numbers to increase as we continue educating consumers about this new way of gifting. On a personal note, I love the team at Loop – the ease of working with them, their willingness to listen to feedback and the speed at which they can make changes and adapt are all phenomenal.”

While all current Gorilla client implementations of Loop involve apparel retailers, O’Malley explains, “After seeing a few examples of Loop’s success on non-apparel ecommerce sites, we’ve broadened the net and are beginning to recommend Loop as an effective solution to even more of our clients.” As ecommerce functionality continues to progress, retailers of all kinds must embrace platforms and tools that meet the modern consumer’s expectations.

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