Let’s face it, shopping for a gift for someone can be difficult sometimes. You may have an idea of what someone wants, but can’t remember their size or even what color they would prefer. But the frustration doesn’t end there. Until now, retailers have struggled to give online shoppers an easy, streamlined way to gift through e-commerce because .com retailing wasn’t designed for gifting in the first place. Think about it – the last time you bought someone a gift online, did you get stumped when it came to choosing a color or size? Did you ruin the surprise because you had to ask them for a shipping address? Unfortunately, those pieces of information are a prerequisite to buying a gift online … and to some people, the process can easily get overwhelming.

That’s where Loop Commerce comes in. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our groundbreaking e-gifting approach that’s making gift-giving easy and personal again this holiday season. Our first-of-its-kind turnkey, SaaS solution is now available for some of the world’s top brands and retailers to leverage to their online customers.

Lancôme, Urban Decay and Diane von Furstenberg are just a few of the top IR companies being hailed as winners for choosing Loop to power their online gifting. These retailers have found Loop™ seamlessly integrates with their online stores and backend systems to enable a brand new gift giving and receiving experience for buyers. The underlying technology is sophisticated and robust, but the user experience is elegantly simple: gift givers can select and send any product as a gift, without the need to specify a size, color or shipping information. To send a gift, they simply click the e-gifting option on the retailer’s product or checkout page, enter a personal gift message and then pay. The recipient then gets notified about their gift and will be able to customize it to get that perfect gift, all before anything ships. The entire experience, from start to finish, provides a personal way of giving and receiving gifts, putting the thoughtfulness back into gifting while reducing the standard friction that exists today when shopping for others.

E-commerce is a part of everyday life for most consumers. Over the past few years, the exponential growth of the industry has driven retailers – and shoppers – to seek unique experiences that differentiate them from the rest of the playing field. Loop creates an opportunity for retail partners to expand online sales by offering an enhanced shopping experience that converts existing and new customers into gift buyers. Retailers also benefit from reduced costs in returns and exchanges, as well as new customer acquisition. Belonging to the Loop ecosystem of retailers, partners reap the rewards of Loop’s unparalleled expertise and significant R&D investments that translate into an optimized solution, rapid time to market with strong ROI, as well as continued innovation through the collective experience and insights within the Loop ecosystem.

Loop is pushing the evolution of emotional e-commerce by providing retailers and their customers an unrivaled online gifting experience. We’re excited to see where this next chapter in the Loop Commerce story takes our partners and their customers. You can read the announcement here that also highlights a few of the retailers currently offering Loop’s Perfect Gift™ solution.

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