Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is here so what should you do? Buy a gift for the ones you love of course! But before you head to the store or peruse a retailer’s website searching for that perfect item, you might be interested to learn about the dynamics behind how men and women e-gift as a new, personalized way of showing appreciation for the ones we love.


In December 2014, Loop gathered some important data surrounding the online shopping habits of consumers that sheds light on the differences between how men and women shop. For instance, you may be surprised to find that while women gave 58 percent more e-gifts than men during the holidays, men actually spent 27 percent more per e-gift.

We also saw some interesting commonality when looking at the product categories that women and men choose to e-gift:

    The top product categories e-gifted by men:

  • Women’s Accessories – 21%
  • Housewares – 19%
  • Women’s Clothes – 12%
  • Women’s Outerwear -8%
  • Women’s Jewelry – 8%
    The top product categories e-gifted by women:

  • Housewares – 23%
  • Women’s Accessories – 15%
  • Women’s Clothes – 13%
  • Men’s Clothes – 9%
  • Misc. – 7%

Housewares were perceived as great e-gifts across the board, but interestingly accessories and clothes – traditionally thought of as hard to gift items due to having to know the right size and style – were also popular e-gifts sent by both men and women.

So what e-commerce insights can we takeaway from these e-gifting trends? For one, as the lines blur between in-store and online shopping, retailers are focused on providing fantastic omnichannel experiences.

E-gifting provides retailers a new opportunity to bridge that gap for gifts. Fashion related gifts are one of the categories that have been perceived as risky because it’s so easy to get it “wrong”. This is even more true when it comes to e-commerce; whereas a gift sender may gamble on giving a pair of shoes as a gift after they’ve seen it in person, online shoppers aren’t afforded the same luxury.

Another insight sticks out when we look at the data of where gifts are sent from and to. 54% of e-gifts were sent to recipients in different states, while on the other hand 34% were local e-gifts and sent to recipients within 25 miles of the sender. Back to the point about helping retailers find an omnichannel approach, the remote gifter and the hyper-local gifter are two very different types of customers. Gift giving in close proximity intuitively would lend itself to in-store purchases, but both local and remote gift givers still chose e-gifting during the holidays.

It’s also interesting that while women chose to e-gift more during the holidays, men were actually spending more. The disparity between the number of e-gifts may just mean that women might have been in charge of sending more gifts through the holiday season. In any case, we are interested in seeing if this trend holds up for Valentine’s. And hint, hint gents, if you want to spend more, go to the jewelry section.

Through Loop’s e-gifting solution — now available at Macy’s, DVF, Lancome, Urban Decay, Johnny Was and other innovative retailers — shoppers can purchase clothes, jewelry, accessories and virtually any product as a gift online without worrying about the specific style, size or color. Sending an e-gift makes it easy to ensure your loved one gets the right size of that signature DVF wrap dress or their favorite perfume or pair of shoes at Macy’s. With the winter gifting holidays behind us, how will these e-gifting trends change for this Valentine’s Day? Only Cupid knows, but combining the flexibility and thoughtfulness of a real gift with the ease of e-gifting ensures that your loved one will love whatever gift they receive. And if you’re still searching for that perfect gift, try e-gifting with one of Loop’s many retail partners.

Happy Valentine’s!

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