October 27, 2017

Target Launches GiftNow®


Target has come up with a new way to help you satisfy those picky relatives on your gift list this holiday season.

Before shipping a present, Target lets online shoppers send an email to check if the recipient might want something else instead.

The new “GiftNow’’ button will allow online shoppers to purchase a present and then send an email as an “electronic gift box,” or “e-gift” for short. The recipient can accept the present, switch its color and size, or, if it’s destined to be stuffed in the back of their closet, swap it out for something else.

“This is the perfect solution for that fussy relative that we all have,’’ said Mike McNamara, a Target executive vice president, at an event last week in New York to introduce it. “It’s also great for last-minute gifting because you don’t have to worry about whether the product is going to get there in time for Christmas. The e-gift is going to get there as fast as email.’’

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Instant gratification is all the rage now, and Target is giving in. Just in time for the holiday season, Target is giving customers a new way to gift.

Instead of mailing a gift directly to its recipient, Target will now let givers use a new feature called “Gift Now.”

Here’s how it works:

The service allows givers to send via email. The recipient “opens” the gift virtually in the email, and must then enter their mailing address for delivery. If they’re not a fan of your particular choice, they can exchange for something of the same dollar value, or a gift card.

The service is run by Loop Commerce, and is already featured with department stores like Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue. Target is the first discount store chain to incorporate it.

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Helping shoppers with gifts is high on Target’s priority list this year, with offers like the new “GiftNow” option online. Mike McNamara, Target’s chief information and digital officer said that it’s perfect when you aren’t sure exactly what to get, but you want to at least try to pick something. Shoppers give an “electronic gift box” and then the recipient can choose to accept the selected gift, or change the color or size for instance, before it’s shipped.

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The retailer is also introducing a new service, GiftNow. It allows shoppers to click the GiftNow button on select products on Target.com, and send an e-gift box, which allows the gift recipient to accept the gift, change the color or size, or choose something else.

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And no need to worry if your friends and family members will like your present or not. Target is launching a new function on its website, which is called GiftNow. After you choose your item, it will send a digital gift box to the lucky person. And they get the option to customize the order by picking their favorite color, changing the size, or swapping it for
something completely different. So we can nally say goodbye to annoying returns or exchanges.

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They’ve also introduced a new, kind of incredible, service called GiftNow. You know those moments when you spot something that would be perfect for someone but it comes in a few colors or sizes and you’re not sure you can get the details right? GiftNow takes out the guesswork, so you can get the glory of giving the perfect gift without having to send an awkward, ‘hey what’s your size?’ text.

This service allows gift givers to click the GiftNow button on products on Target.com and send an e-gift box, which allows the recipient to accept the gift, change the color or size, or choose something entirely different, all before anything ships. Thousands of gifts are available through GiftNow, making it an easy choice, especially for last-minute shoppers.

It’s also perfect for last minute, long distance gift giving. We’re living in the future, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s fantastic.

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To take some of the guesswork out of gifting, Target said it will introduce GiftNow, a gifting platform and service by Loop Commerce, on Target.com. The service allows gift givers to click the GiftNow button on products on the site and send an e-gift box, which allows the recipient to accept the gift, change the color or size, or choose something entirely different, before it ships. Thousands of products can be ordered through the platform. 

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PYMNTSIn a press release on Monday (Oct. 23), big box retailer Target announced news of its plans for the holiday shopping season. The company discussed new brands, exclusive products and innovative ways to shop, including GiftNow, a service being introduced on Target’s website powered by Loop Commerce

The GiftNow option can be selected when viewing products on Target.com, allowing customers to assemble and send a gift online. Recipients can view the gift, select the size or color of the product inside or pick another product entirely. Because the process happens entirely online, no returns are necessary, according to Target’s press release.

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According to Erez, no matter how good a merchant’s products may be, how strong its branding game and how deep its discounts, it can’t sell after the holiday shipping cutoff.

There are, of course, no holiday shipping cutoffs for emails, giving any retailer offering GiftNow a certain advantage, at least among procrastinators.

As commerce in general and holiday shopping, in particular, migrate online, brick-and-mortar stores must give consumers a reason to shop with them instead of just turning to Amazon to fill their stockings, Erez said. He thinks GiftNow could be that reason. The service could help retailers like Target avoid the 1.3 percent decline in comparable sales of the 2016 holiday season by differentiating them from stores that do not have a robust digital or omnichannel strategy.

“Loop GiftNow adds another layer of experience — stores don’t have that,” Erez said. “They’re transactional; we’re social. Retailers have known for a while that they can’t compete purely on price and merchandise anymore. GiftNow adds a layer of experience to attract the audience and convert them.”

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