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 November 7, 2017 — Roy Erez

Loop Commerce expands its technology and service to enable consumers to, when in-store, buy products as gifts feeling stress-free even in the absence of knowing the recipient’s style, size or color preferences.

Gone are the days of troublesome retail inventory management and limited shelf space constraints. I’m thrilled to announce that after introducing GiftNow, a new and meaningful paradigm in commerce and gift-shopping online that unlocks a new type of transaction for consumers, retailers, payment provides, ad-tech companies and other ecosystem partners – Loop Commerce has extended it’s GiftNow technology and service to the physical stores with the new GiftNow Card.

Loop’s GiftNow Card revolutionizes how shoppers are able to buy gifts in physical stores and overcomes the hurdles gift-givers face – such as not knowing the recipient’s size or favorite style – and caters to the large and growing base of consumers looking for a more thoughtful alternative to a gift card. The GiftNow Card also solves significant retail inventory management and limited shelf space constraints. For the many stores cutting back on inventory and for those with limited shelf space, the GiftNow Card unlocks a retailer’s full catalog of merchandise for gift-giving.

We started this journey years ago – inventing, shaping and leading a category we defined as G-Commerce (Gift-Commerce), realizing the significant opportunity of ‘shopping for others’. We realized how commerce transactions are flawed in their nature and approach, failing to address year-round consumer needs, and resulting in the significant number of missed opportunities.

With the GiftNow Card, Loop delivers an in-store representation of a specific and thoughtful item as soon as the gift-giver selects it. The GiftNow Card is an in-store extension of Loop’s patented and popular online GiftNow® service used by many leading retailers and top brands, such as Macy’s, Target, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Coach, and others, which enables consumers to easily purchase and instantly deliver any product online with the flexibility to then accept, customize or exchange it before it was even shipped. Similarly, upon receiving the physical GiftNow Card, the gift recipient is directed to the same online experience that allows customizing or exchanging the gift before shipment.AAIA_wDGAAAAAQAAAAAAAAucAAAAJDQ0ODczNGRhLTJmZDktNDg3MC1iMzllLTIyNjI3MGVmZjBlZA

GiftNow is now the first gifting platform to offer a seamless omni-channel experience for retailers and consumers, allowing shoppers to purchase actual products as gifts in this new way from within the physical stores using the GiftNow Card, as well as within the online store using the GiftNow service available as a checkout on the product pages.

We are thrilled to have partnered with Gap for this launch, and Athleta is the first brand to bring the GiftNow Cards to market starting this holiday season in select stores nationally, and is also making GiftNow available at kiosks in the same stores for shoppers who wish to deliver their gifts instantly via e-mail to remote loved ones.

GiftNow is available as of today on for anyone shopping from home or on mobile, as well as on

“We’re excited to add the GiftNow service to and, and be the first brand to work with Loop Commerce on a connected experience by also offering the GiftNow Card in select Athleta stores,” said Noam Paransky, SVP Digital at Gap Inc. “We believe this new personalized gifting service will provide our customers an easy way to do their holiday shopping both online and in-store.”

Susan Goss Brown, VP of Stores and Operations, Athleta concurs, “Athleta stores are designed to be places where shoppers can find exactly what they need, and offering the GiftNow Card at ten stores across the country this holiday season is a new way for shoppers to pick out the perfect gift.”Athleta GiftNow Card Front

I am proud of the Loop team for reaching this milestone, as we are continuously re-inventing commerce and helping consumers connect on a more emotional and personal level, while we are able to offer our strong network of retailers, brands and partners new ways to grow their businesses and cater to the evolving needs of their customers.

As covered by PYMNTS:

“The old solution — give a gift card and let the receiver decide what they want — is efficient but lacks personalization. The GiftNow Card — patterned on the online version of the offering currently used by household name retailers like Macy’s, Target, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Coach — allows the recipient to view their gift online and then choose to accept or exchange it before it ever ships.”

“While online commerce is massive and growing, the majority of the g-commerce opportunity still lies in physical stores, which don’t always have in stock what gift-givers want to give, or were consumers are hesitant to purchase the wrong item as a gift,” said Loop Commerce CEO and Co-Founder Roy Erez. “By inventing the GiftNow Card, we’re providing a seamless alternative to shoppers who want to gift a specific item, which they consider to be more thoughtful than giving a gift card, and we’re helping store associates close more sales.”

Athleta GiftNow Online gift screen

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About Loop Commerce

Loop Commerce is driving a paradigm shift in commerce with its award winning, patented GiftNow® service, by removing the obstacles consumers face when trying to buy a physical product as a gift. Loop is an enterprise-grade, fully customizable solution powering the gift shopping experience and  checkout for leading retailers. By integrating the personalization of gifting and tackling the challenges associated with gift shopping,  Loop makes buying gifts not only seamless, stress free and thoughtful for consumers, but accessible when no other option exists, therefore driving significant business value and incremental sales for retailers. Loop’s solution seamlessly integrates with retailers’ online stores through a zero-integration implementation, fueling increased business, reducing costly returns and exchanges, and enhancing customer acquisition and loyalty. The company’s groundbreaking SaaS solution was built and optimized with significant R&D and collective experience working with some of the largest and most demanding retail brands. Loop is backed by PayPal and key executives in technology, e-commerce and retail. For more information about Loop Commerce, visit our website, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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  1. Brilliant concept! Personal and will be a great, thoughtful surprise for the recipient. Love that it allows personalization on their end as well!



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