Across e-commerce platforms, retailers have aimed to optimize the customer experience. They are focused on delivering the products consumers want, when they want them — with as seamless a purchase path as possible. Retailers have revamped digital platforms to showcase their entire inventory, offered shipping options based on speed and convenience, and made it possible […]

Sending a birthday gift by mail or courier is a web of logistics. Gift givers have to plan ahead, shop, dig up the recipient’s address, wrap and package the gift — and then make a trip to the post office or shipping store. An on-time delivery — essential for birthdays and other occasions — depends […]

Over the 2019 holiday period, we gathered thousands upon thousands of data points related to gift-giving behavior exhibited by users of our platform, GiftNow. As users drift even further towards a pure online experience when shopping for others, we uncovered several interesting facts related to: The number of people who send gifts same-day, when instant […]

Looking back on gifting trends from the first 9 months of this year, we’ve pulled together GiftNow data to share as we head into the 2019 holiday season. From the most popular gift categories to the number of gifts exchanged before being shipped with GiftNow, these insights chronicle how consumers shop online for others — […]

In the eyes of consumers, the definition of a “sustainable business” has evolved significantly over the years. Today’s expectations for businesses to reflect a social conscience in their mission statements, embrace sustainable practices in every corner of their organization, and use technology to do away with operations that have negative consequences to the environment are […]

Fifteen to 20 percent of all transactions are intended to be gifts for someone else. But despite its popularity in the retail world, gifting has long been a tough go for givers, receivers, and retailers alike. Gift givers are burdened with a mountain of barriers on their quest to give the perfect gift — from […]