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This post is the second of our four part series on the state of gifting. Read our first one here. In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of gifting and why it increasingly matters to retailers. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at gift cards as the go-to-solution for meeting gifting […]


INTRODUCTION TO 4 PART SERIES ON STATE OF GIFTING We’ve all given and received gifts, but the process of gift shopping has remained complex and intricate. In this 4 part blog post series, we’ll provide readers with an in-depth analysis of the gifting industry, and offer a thoughtful, data backed perspective on why gifting matters […]


The Loop Team was excited to be a part of Magento Imagine 2014, where we spent 4 days in Las Vegas, Nevada, interacting with the 1700+ merchants, partners, developers and digital industry experts that were present during the event. Magento certainly rocked the Hard Rock Hotel with an awesome line-up of speakers and fun networking […]

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(Originally appeared as an exclusive guest post on Redstage on 03/28/14, titled ‘Be Where Your Customer Are: Omnichannel Retailing and Why it Matters‘) I was recently invited to write on the topic of omnichannel retailing as a guest writer on Redstage’s blog. An excerpt from the article follows: “As the e-commerce industry is relatively new to omni-channel retailing, companies […]

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(Originally appeared as an exclusive guest post on Session Digital on 03/19/14, titled ‘Don’t Get Left on the Shelf – How E-commerce Innovation Can Give Retailers the Edge’) Last week, I wrote on Session Digital’s blog about how it’s not enough to just have an e-commerce storefront anymore. An excerpt from the article follows: “Online shopping’s incredible […]

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(Originally appeared as an exclusive guest post on Corra on 02/25/14, titled ‘Fashionably Forward: A Customer-Centric Approach to Retailing’) I recently wrote about how innovations improve the retail experience, highlighting how companies’ use of technologies led to tangible gains for both the retailer and the customer. An excerpt from the article follows: “One fashionably forward […]


(Originally appeared as an exclusive guest post on Guidance on 02/11/14, titled ‘Valentine’s Day Returns’) I was recently invited to share my thoughts on the topic of E-commerce return costs as a guest writer on Guidance’s blog. An excerpt from the article follows: “Returns represent a significant cost to retailers that has room for optimization, […]