From the shopper’s viewpoint, Loop’s e-gifting solution needed to be simple and intuitive. For retailers, Loop’s platform needed to seamlessly integrate into their existing systems and take on the management of complex tasks behind the scenes. Loop accomplished both. The buyer visits Macy’ or any other store that has Loop’s solution integrated, and can purchase […]

Like so many endeavors with game-changing ambitions, the genesis of Loop Commerce kicked off with the need to solve a small but all-too-common challenge. When I learned that an old business school classmate and his wife had become parents, I wanted to present them with a suitable, thoughtful gift for their newborn. What could be […]

How much money can you save by avoiding returns? With the holiday season returning shortly, merchants are preparing for the increased number of merchandise returns that come with it. John Frank of Internet Retailer, a great e-commerce publication, writes on this problem and how various merchants are trying to solve the issues arising from holiday […]

There’s an ages-old tradition among Father’s Day gift recipients who have endured the gaudy neck tie that seemed inspired by day-glo crime scene-investigation tape: the forced smile. Or the perennial frustration of gift givers who have an idea of what to present to a good friend for their birthday, and want to show how much […]